Thursday, April 12, 2012

ohhh.. hey?!

heey! we're still alive and kickin' in these parts. and i'm sure you're mad but hey! mindless hiatus' sometimes need to take place. Plus, i was internet-less (a word?) for a while. buuut, i bit the bullet and got it.... thank you neighbor for funding me free net for 1.5 years. I appreciate it! (it was all completely legit, he gave me the pw for his wifi! haha)  so now i have my own internets..... and i even got an iPhone. Look at me go. getting with the times!

we are extremely busy in these parts, funny thing is? i don't even know why.
can you tell with this incredible amount of mumbo jumbo spewing from my fingertips.
I hope to be around this blog a bit more, of course i write this and will be out for the entire weekend, but hey! i can pop in tomorrow and give you an update in the world of us via: phone pictures. I need to replace my camera (hey! santa, pleeeeease! i've been on the nice list so far this year!)

so for now, i bid you adieu and hope to be back tomorrow :) with a picture update. until then here is my instagram (@stakoqui)! <3

oh and i'll leave you with this. i love it with the fiery of one thousand swords. it makes me tingle in my netherparts (okay, i'm tired, buhbye!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


this is what has been happening lately through blackberry pics.

cute top knots that make me die. 

channeling our inner dinosaur 

 passed out like she's had too much to drink

new haircuts (gooo me!) 

homemade baked donuts <recipe here

too many bitches piled in a car. my guess is long night drinking and only 1 designated driver. 

love pizza's for my nuggets. Happy Valentines Day! 

 colonel k intently watching barbie: princess charm school

stuffed pepper: yum. 

he doesn't think i can see him; he was supposed to be in bed. 

vegetable bean stew with homemade cheese biscuits. <adapted recipe from here>

it's been pretty fun and busy around here lately. i've been channeling my inner cook and enjoying every minute of it. i love using hearty recipes & love food. so the healthier the better and hey! if it tastes fantastic, win win

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i am so excited to talk about what i did today.
for i have started on a new adventure/endeavor. i have officially started helping my wonderful friend melissa out on tuesdays and thursdays while kman is at school. you see, melissa, she has a pretty kick ass business. she gets to craft all day long

roundhouse kicks.

i get to do that with her!

melissa owns a very thriving/quickly thriving business. well actually two. that involves feathers, flowers, frillies, and more! she's the proud owner of melissa's bowtique and hair candy couture. i cannot tell you how excited i am that i get to help her out on a regular basis and see how her lovelies are all made. i dare you not to fall in love with everything!  definitely check out her page/s and let me know what you think. or better yet? let her know that you came from here.

i'm hoping that in the near future we can get going on her blog and show you guys how the magic happens behind the scenes but until then you now know where you can find me a few days a week!!

in other news:

happy valentines day my friends! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

battle royale: coon style

remember the story of the scary neighbor and how we had a dead guy, a tub, and this cat scared to answer her door? well that place was just a obliteration of the whacky castle. you know, sort of like the twilight zone all put  recreated in one of those fun houses.

so one night i'm doing the dishes. you know, out in the boonies. alone.
surrounded by corn fields, weed fields, make-shift swamps, and a lot of darkness. (why did i move there?)
all of a sudden i hear a loud BANG! knowing full well that darn raccoon was back. back with a purpose. back with a mission to get into *my* garbage cans which were not welcoming nor vacant. so i opened the door, like i normally did and shooed it away (i know completely rational when dealing with a wild animal) and then i banged my feet on the deck and yelled "GOOOO AWAY" (again completely logical that speaking to the wild animal would do anything Like you probably guessed it, this did nothing. in fact, it backfired.

this beast was ready to unleash his inner-cracken. the ungodly beast pounced at me. of course due to my stellar  wilderness skills i had pre-planned my attack and guarded myself with my screen door. i jumped and screeched and slammed the door. now, now it was on. that furry little ball of pure evil was going down.

naturally, i got the broom. we all know that the coon is going to run screaming due to the big bad broom coming at it. so i sheilded myself, again, with the door. BAM! I was shooing it away with the broom. seriously, it hissed at me... again, jumping in the house and slamming the door. next, next i was going to do the ignore tactic. take the stinky garbage you trashfiend, i do not care. i finished up my dishes and looked out the window. to my surprise that beast was in my window staring at me. yes that's right he was staring at me. we now have the next stalkercoon. better check your windows ladies. honestly, this was creepy. i don't care what anyone says.. coon or not. he was stalking me and i wasn't down with that noise.

i left that window. it won't follow me, whyyy would it follow me. oh it soooooooooooo followed me. called my mom, cause duh, we have a situation here people. her advice, get a can of hairspray and a lighter scare it by enormous flame. fyi, didn't work. neither did a knife (because i'm a ninja) duct taped to the end of that same broom. yes, these were all logical and rational responses to cracken the stalkercoon - all of them failed, epically.

eventually, he went away. he never did get into my trash bin. yessssss.

roundhouse kicks. stacey - 1 coon - 0. take that beast.

that was the last i ever saw of him. i'm going to guess he found a new garbage bin stacey to terrorize.

as you know, i've moved since. no cracken stalkercoons to report. win.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

flashback to that story.


did i ever tell you that story about a teensy-tiny fear that i had when my ex and i split up? the one where i irrationally put myself as the main character in a letskillthatnewneighbourgirl film. totes did it.

oh wait, it totes came true. well, kinda.

so after the db & i hit splitsville (enter sob story) i landed myself on my parents door step two small babes in tow with nowhere to go *insert violins* anywhoo, like the bees knees parents that i have, they took us in and i worked diligently towards finding a place for the babes and i to call our own. which i did.

it was in a tiny little hamlet 10 minutes from my parents. however, far from an actual town. set in the middle of a field that mimicked corn, but turns out it was just a bunch of weeds that turned into a mock swamp in the springtime. (funny story with the mock swamp that involved a car, ginormica horasaurus, and a db) anyhoot - moving on. imagine being all alone with two babes sleeping in, what seems, the darkest nights are upon you. where you can't hear/see anything. not many neighbours, not to mention, theeee most irrational fears on the face of the planet. yes, i am a riddled with dramatic antics and succumb to paralyzing anxiety.

fast-forward to living in my own place for about 5 weeks. it's winter, cold, la-de-da! you can just picture it. 9pm. kids are sleeping & i was watching the bachelor, alone. i'm sitting in a big comfy chair perusing facebook the interwebz when i hear a wailing noise followed by something banging repeatedly at my side-door like i was the target for the newest LOUDEST serial killer, or children of the corn, on an escapade to taunt me, play with my like a predator plays with its food, finally catches me after a quick jaunt, then enter my irrefutable death.

i remember the exact moment and the emotions i felt. i wanted to die right there (dramatic right??). melt into the chair and act like there was nothing beating my door completely sane, right? or insane? who knows but this moment i was looking for anything to avert my attention from the incessant bashing noises coming from my door.

as i sit there, still, scenarios running through my mind (ridiculous ones) i slowly stand up. heart beating 23842342 miles a minute i creep towards the door. i closed my eyes, held my breath, and turned the sidelight on.

unsure as to what i was going to see when i opened my eyes. BAM! i hear/see her. i open the door and say "what's the matter how can i help you" (rational right?) then she proceeds to screech and roll around in my driveway. this was the moment, the moment i knew that i was safe. after she rolled around for a while, she got into a praying position against my deck and explained to me that she just found her boyfriend dead in the bottom of her tub "yousaidwhat!?" yes, that's right folks. my neighbour is dead in the bottom of his tub. &i'd like to share some other innocence shattering details but i'm such a giving person i shall spare you. but basically. dood is dead at the bottom of his tub due to a drug overdose.

so i ask, what i thought was a normal in this kind of situation, question. "did you call 911" after some more rolling around, i finally get out of her that they don't have a phone.  again, "yousaidwhat?" so i run inside grab my phone and call 911. of course, i got the 238423 questions from the operator (btw, thanks mrs!). she asked if *I* could go next door and pull him out of the tub to perform CPR on him. again, i repeat, "yousaidwhat!?" so i said to her - "let me get this straight, you want me to leave my small children - alone - in their beds sleeping whilst i go over next door, which isn't close by the way, to a naked man in a bathtub whom has done (leaving this part out of the story) that i've never met, and touch him." disclaimer: i am sorry to everyone who would jump right in there and help this person, but *i*..well i don't even do puke. i didn't know WHAT to do. so she sent the girlfriend, more or less i did, to go to him to see if there were any vital signs (she said he was dead, remember) while i ran to the end of my driveway to show the firetruck/ambulance which house this has all taken place.

when the firetruck pulled up, it was my good friend dougie. Hi Dougie!! he had a good chuckle at my expense. again, if you know me? poster child for finding myself in awkward situations.

turns out the guy did od and well he refused medical treatment. this is where i should insert don't do drugs mofos. on the plus side? i wasn't the the leading actress in a horror film and although my fears did come, somewhat, to fruition - i faced them. that's what i tell myself anyways!

roundhouse kicks.

i will tell you, i have since moved. i now live in town. a secured apartment building and here i shall stay. if someone knocks at my door in the middle of the night pretty much if you know me? don't knock late at night fool you will not catch me, kapeesh?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


recently i have been feeling a crohns flare up coming on, and well naturally i want to avoid it.
many thoughts, naps, and bathroom visits (nothing to hide here) i have realized, as of late, my choices when it comes to what i'm putting into my body is less than stellar. actually, it's quite craptastic and as you can see - i am not a health nut - but i wonder often why i am so over the top about the foods my children eat, yet i don't go all jackie chan on myself when i make very.bad.choices.

this is one of those ahayoureallystupidgirlyouhaveadisease moments where i hold myself accountable.

stacey, keep it together!

amazing how what you put in your body reflects every other part of your body. lately i've been completely zombified irregardless of the amount of sleep i have been getting. most would think i'm getting more than enough sleep but i'm always running out of energy. fatigue has taken over my life.

&yes, i was just at the juicebar. usually right now i'm full of energy.. but nope. fail. the only thing i can think of is the food and beverage choices i've chosen.

fast food -bad.
soda - bad.
candy - bad.
baked sweets - bad.

a great blogger, danielle, recently has gone to 100% clean eating and has inspired me, as well as the donut i'm carrying around, to make better choices. i need more energy dammit! so baby steps.

i cannot commit to going completely over the edge. i still have to maintain a balanced diet in order to not send myself into misery. and i cannot overload on my mortal enemies in the food aisle. but i can still commit to better choices.

the first stop today was the grocery store. I did it! i bought good food and no bad treats. no more pop. woohoo!! so i'll be tweeting my journey #SScleaneating along with many others to see how i do! so join in if you'd like, tweet me @stakoqui! &please post here and let me know how you're doing!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wordless[ish] wednesday

today was filled with game playing.
the nuggets are now addicted to board games and cards.
i love me some board games!