Thursday, April 12, 2012

ohhh.. hey?!

heey! we're still alive and kickin' in these parts. and i'm sure you're mad but hey! mindless hiatus' sometimes need to take place. Plus, i was internet-less (a word?) for a while. buuut, i bit the bullet and got it.... thank you neighbor for funding me free net for 1.5 years. I appreciate it! (it was all completely legit, he gave me the pw for his wifi! haha)  so now i have my own internets..... and i even got an iPhone. Look at me go. getting with the times!

we are extremely busy in these parts, funny thing is? i don't even know why.
can you tell with this incredible amount of mumbo jumbo spewing from my fingertips.
I hope to be around this blog a bit more, of course i write this and will be out for the entire weekend, but hey! i can pop in tomorrow and give you an update in the world of us via: phone pictures. I need to replace my camera (hey! santa, pleeeeease! i've been on the nice list so far this year!)

so for now, i bid you adieu and hope to be back tomorrow :) with a picture update. until then here is my instagram (@stakoqui)! <3

oh and i'll leave you with this. i love it with the fiery of one thousand swords. it makes me tingle in my netherparts (okay, i'm tired, buhbye!)

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  1. iPhones are where it's at! I knew as soon as I read your blog name that you were a fellow canadaian blogger!