Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i am so excited to talk about what i did today.
for i have started on a new adventure/endeavor. i have officially started helping my wonderful friend melissa out on tuesdays and thursdays while kman is at school. you see, melissa, she has a pretty kick ass business. she gets to craft all day long for.a.living.

roundhouse kicks.

i get to do that with her!

melissa owns a very thriving/quickly thriving business. well actually two. that involves feathers, flowers, frillies, and more! she's the proud owner of melissa's bowtique and hair candy couture. i cannot tell you how excited i am that i get to help her out on a regular basis and see how her lovelies are all made. i dare you not to fall in love with everything!  definitely check out her page/s and let me know what you think. or better yet? let her know that you came from here.

i'm hoping that in the near future we can get going on her blog and show you guys how the magic happens behind the scenes but until then you now know where you can find me a few days a week!!

in other news:

happy valentines day my friends! 

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