just me

hi! i'm stacey, i live in cobourg, ontario, canada. i'm up in the great white tundra people. i am a 25 year old single mom of kohen whom is 4 and quinlan who is 3. yes, they are very close in age. they are one day less than one year apart. (i know what you're thinking, and yes, i am crazy). i love being a single mom, yes again i know i'm crazy. however, it has made me the best mommadukes that i can be.

i heart so many things. my blackberry is another limb on my body, i am in love with nail polish, and all of my close friends (minus a few) live in my computer. i'd like to think i'm 'tech savvy' but i may be tooting my own horn. and i love my tassimo - specialty coffee is the shit. i love taking pictures and basically documenting every.single.thing that i can. i love art. and i love music - anything really. and hello kitty rocks my socks.

i suffer from crohns disease and both of my children have severe food allergies. but together, we are an awesome spectacular fun-loving family. i have a pretty awesome extended family and we spend all of our time together.

basically, if you put me and everything i love in a bubble, that's it!

i know, you're jealous. i would be too.