Wednesday, February 1, 2012


recently i have been feeling a crohns flare up coming on, and well naturally i want to avoid it.
many thoughts, naps, and bathroom visits (nothing to hide here) i have realized, as of late, my choices when it comes to what i'm putting into my body is less than stellar. actually, it's quite craptastic and as you can see - i am not a health nut - but i wonder often why i am so over the top about the foods my children eat, yet i don't go all jackie chan on myself when i make very.bad.choices.

this is one of those ahayoureallystupidgirlyouhaveadisease moments where i hold myself accountable.

stacey, keep it together!

amazing how what you put in your body reflects every other part of your body. lately i've been completely zombified irregardless of the amount of sleep i have been getting. most would think i'm getting more than enough sleep but i'm always running out of energy. fatigue has taken over my life.

&yes, i was just at the juicebar. usually right now i'm full of energy.. but nope. fail. the only thing i can think of is the food and beverage choices i've chosen.

fast food -bad.
soda - bad.
candy - bad.
baked sweets - bad.

a great blogger, danielle, recently has gone to 100% clean eating and has inspired me, as well as the donut i'm carrying around, to make better choices. i need more energy dammit! so baby steps.

i cannot commit to going completely over the edge. i still have to maintain a balanced diet in order to not send myself into misery. and i cannot overload on my mortal enemies in the food aisle. but i can still commit to better choices.

the first stop today was the grocery store. I did it! i bought good food and no bad treats. no more pop. woohoo!! so i'll be tweeting my journey #SScleaneating along with many others to see how i do! so join in if you'd like, tweet me @stakoqui! &please post here and let me know how you're doing!

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