Wednesday, February 15, 2012


this is what has been happening lately through blackberry pics.

cute top knots that make me die. 

channeling our inner dinosaur 

 passed out like she's had too much to drink

new haircuts (gooo me!) 

homemade baked donuts <recipe here

too many bitches piled in a car. my guess is long night drinking and only 1 designated driver. 

love pizza's for my nuggets. Happy Valentines Day! 

 colonel k intently watching barbie: princess charm school

stuffed pepper: yum. 

he doesn't think i can see him; he was supposed to be in bed. 

vegetable bean stew with homemade cheese biscuits. <adapted recipe from here>

it's been pretty fun and busy around here lately. i've been channeling my inner cook and enjoying every minute of it. i love using hearty recipes & love food. so the healthier the better and hey! if it tastes fantastic, win win

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