Monday, May 30, 2011

it's meee!

i'm back, did ya miss me?
between blogger's ridiculous antics, my extreme busy life, & being out of town. blogging was just last on the list, even though, if you can't tell, i missed you all. i kept having "oo i should blog this" moments during the last few days, but none-the-less blogging clearly never happened. not to mention the fact that i'm feeling extremely close to brain-dead status. i brought my laptop with me, forgot my internet stick. fail. & forgot my blackberry charger, again fail.

alas, i am here, and don't you fret my friends i have a bucket full of sunshine to share with you. my oma, ohhh my lovely oma is back and in action from florida. she's the hippest 75yr old woman you will ever meet. imagine classic golden girls and you have the bees knees of omas all fit into a tiny little body of complete rad sarcasm you'll ever see i mean, i do get my awesomesauce from somewhere - duuuuh.

we headed out last week after the weather was less than stellar..

oo! i didn't share this.

**news flash**
lou is officially cast free! rock on. my arms are tiiired and my heart can finally stop hurting from watching her poor little legs walk funny with that overly large cast in tow.

anywho, after her cast appointment we headed straight down to my omas house to spend some great time with her & i wanted to help her get things out after being gone for 6 months. she's a migrator. spends half the year down south to enjoy the sun then heads back up to the great white tundra for the warm months here. she gets the best of both worlds. can you say jealous?

it was a lot of running, running, did i mention running? she had a ton of errands & i'm glad that the nuggets and i got to spend some great quality time with her whilst she ran like a peacock on a mission. its awesome browsing all of the treasures of her house, she has all of these amazing artifacts, objects that were given to her, and things collected along the way. amongst these amazing treasures, pictures of my adorable young self.

friday night two of my aunties came, we had pizza, gabbed, and had a grand ole time. srsly. i love spending time with my family when it's so light and free. the remainder of the weekend my aunt & i hung out together at omas. made some of my homemade salsa (btw i  finally  found cock sauce!!!) cooked some yummy grub, the kids watched a movie, & just hung out. sunday the nuggets & i headed homeward bound.

i don't think i've ever missed my house so much in my life. i love visiting, but how i missed my bed & everything in my house. plus, the nuggets finally have their things back and aren't shoved so far up me arse.

it was honestly a great time. & stealing these incredible moments with oma are fantastic. my aunt & i discussed the fact that i can't see life without oma in it, and as she inches up the age scale i still can't see it. my auntie agreed. there is only one oma on this earth, and she's a pretty fantastic lady! i hope i'm at least half as cool as her. she's the shizz.

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