Friday, April 8, 2011

salsa love.

if you know me, and my eating habits, then you know i have an overly obsessive love for salsa. i was always buying good ol' grocery store/shelf brand, and realized that it couldn't be THAT hard to make (and probably 10x healthier). so of course, instead of using my own melon, i asked a few friends. a great friend of mine offered up the recipe she uses. off to the grocery store i went to get all of the ingredients. of course, i couldn't find exactly what she told me to buy. so - insert variations to make it my own.

i guess it was a success. i am now always volunteered to bring salsa to every party. so in saying that, i was volunteered to bring the salsa to this weekends shin-dig/bonfire at my parents casa. it is probably the last large(er) party they will have at their lake house before joining the rest of us cool folk here in town.

of course, i thought of ya's while making it today and made a tute!

KickAce Salsa
2-3 LARGE vine tomatoes (i used 6 minis)
1 white onion
2 red peppers
2 yellow/orange peppers
2-3 jalapenos (optional)
1 lime
sweet chili thai sauce
cilantro paste (or fresh)

gather your ingredients..

 chop the matoes in fours and stick in the food processor.
if you don't have a processor, chop into small pieces.
add into a large bowl
follow this step with the peppers, onion, jalapenos.

 cut lime in half and squeeze both halves into the chopped veggies.

add 1 large tablespoon to veggies

add 2 tablespoons cilantro paste

voila! you have fresh, healthy salsa it's KICK ACE!

i store it in mason jars, fills two.