Tuesday, May 31, 2011

that's right another family dinner

it's that time again. i am totally going to say it, family dinner.
are you ready for the fun tidbits that we spent doing?

my sister & i walked the many miles it takes to get to my parents with the kidlets. part of the adventure, right? wrong. i have done this exact walk before & i will tell you that it did not feel this incredibly terrible. my feet were burning hot tamales. as i was walking the last mile, all that kept repeating in my head was, "it's not that much further, it's not that much further, shit! it's so much further!!" and then followed by "my feet are burning, i can get through this, yep i am pretty sure my feet are falling off." and then, mr man k says to me "wow momma, i walked the entire way! that's because i have really big muscles!" the entire walk? totally worth it.

last night we consumed ourselves in leftover homemade salsa, buffalo bbq chicken grilled, mini red taters smothered in parmesan cheese, & corn on the cob. hells to the yeah complete and utter awesome sauce. i will tell you my stomach could not have felt more complete. of course, i did not consume the cobbed corn, even though that yellow cob of heaven tastes good, my arch nemesis of a disease is not a happy camper consuming this so like a good girl (ya right!) i didn't eat any. just stared at it & loathed every.tiny.kernal.

after supper the nuggets, my sister, grammadukes, and i headed to pebble beach right up the street from my parents so the kids could put their feet in the water. well, it couldn't have turned out better. talk about pigs in poopoocaca. they were so happy, the looks in their faces said it all. rocks were thrown into the water, we watched the sailing club go back and forth on the water, we collected sea shells, the kids soaked their feet, & we even found a crab claw. yes i know you're thinking how cool!!

it was a great night, i love the warm weather,  lou definitely exuded how much fun she had. we need to send a memo to the great white tundra and let it know we want this weather all year round, high hopes?

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  1. Man I wish I could be like lou and lay around naked, lol. And mr. man K looks SO BIG and grown up in that picture. Sounds like a super fun weekend.