Tuesday, May 24, 2011

long weekend via: bb photos.

this past weekend was extremely relaxing.
lots of fun in the sun,
time on the beach,
& shopping at the farmers market.

we enjoyed lunch on the beach,
supper at a great friends,
fireworks, & a bonfire to follow.

each day that ensued was nothing but stellar.
shopping & losing my beloved blackberry.
the return of the blackberry & welcoming home the grandparents
from a camping/racing trip.

then flower shopping,
flower planting,
and embracing the beauty of my newly 
freshened up balcony.

more great friends,
yummy eats,
small ice cream cones,
& a bbq vegetable mixture of greatness.

bike rides,
coffee on the porch in the morning,
& surgery on k's beloved lovey.

by the end of it all,
we were happy, healthy, & i can truly
say it was a great weekend.

the nuggest were zonked,
i was exhausted,
& i can't wait to enjoy more time
spent like the weekend we just had.

so for a few days,
the internet was the last thing on my mind,
my blackberry was mia a great part of the time,
& i just enjoyed my time with the nuggets.

how was your weekend?


  1. I really like your weekend!!! Better than mine. I got called into work. Bleh.

  2. Great pics, Stacey!!! I waved "hello" as I was driving thru Cobourg last weekend! LOL! Hope you're doing well.