Friday, May 20, 2011

feature friday flogger: at second street

it's another week for our feature friday flogger. &whom better to interview before the long weekend than kalleen from at second street. have you been there?

one of her lovely posts that really sticks out to me is her cherry chocolate fudge, it looks deeeelish, and if i wasn't afraid that i'd eat all of it. every.single.bite. i'd actually make it. but i know as awesomesauce as it looks and i know it tastes, there is no way i can make it.

kalleen's blog is filled with many of her awesome creations. many of these creations i want to recreate; especially her doll clothes. her kiddos are adorbs, she's extremely sweet and genuine, and her blog is a mecca of amazing creations.

Hi everyone, I'm Kalleen and I blog over at At Second Street. Second Street is my Home. Everything I do is for the people who live there.  I grew up watching my parents create for me and my family and now I'm doing the same for my family. Finding joy in what I do is what keeps me sane. I'm not trying to be super mom, I'm just doing what I love. 
My life is pretty much all I dreamed of. My husband and I met in High School. We were best friends for years before getting married. Now we have four kids, one boy and three girls. The girls can be quite dramatic but I love dressing them up. 

what made you start to blog?

About a year and a half ago I could barely sew and had never seen a craft blog or even knew they existed. Then one day I found one which led to other blogs and more and more blogs and I was hooked. I was so inspired that I started making stuff. Then I thought, why not share my stuff too? No one read it in the beginning. I didn't tell my family or friends. I was embarrassed. I don't know why? Then I started linking my projects and people SLOWLY started coming by. I remember getting excited that 20 people visited my blog in one day. It was weeks before I got my first follower. That was a happy day. 

what do you like to blog about and why?

I've stuck to blogging about the things I create. Blogging is all about inspiration and building off of other ideas. I'm only able to make the things I make because of what I've learned in blog land. I can find out how to make or do just about anything with the internet. I want to give back. When I share my tutorials and ideas I hope I'm answering someone else's questions. I don't always do things in the traditional way and like to break rules. It's amazing to see the trail of inspiration in creativity. 

what's your favourite part about being a mom? why?

I love seeing my kids enjoy the same things in life that I did. I especially like watching them and seeing how they respond to the world around them.  It give me great joy to see them make good decisions, succeeding in life and helping other around them. 

what do you like to do in your spare time? no kids.
I like to create. If my mind isn't overwhelmed with my kids, I'm thinking about my next project and how I'm going to make it work. Any chance I have to get into my projects guilt free is a pleasure. Yes, I am that lame. I also like to eat out and have a good conversation with my hubby, my sisters and friends. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the interview Stacey. It's an honor to be here today.