Thursday, May 19, 2011

our day

our day today.. 
well. it started out with me thinking that we were on day 9 of the so-called end of the world armageddon. full of craptastic weather. i don't know how you peeps do it in places where it rains all of the time, i was starting to feel like i needed a straight jacket. i love my humble abode, but i can only stare at the same walls for so long before i start going berserk. my nuggets? the same. bouncing off of the walls became a regular occurrence in our household. these tactics in my house; no bueno.

well the weather surprised us today. turned out to be a beautiful sunny warm day. woohoo! it's only natural that we spend every minute in the sun that we can before it turns hormonal again. lest we take advantage of the impending beautiful weather & appreciate what we have that day.

the looks on the nuggets faces were hilarious. loud chants of "we see sun! we see sun!" filled our front balcony and they were elated that they could finally play outside. sidewalk chalk, anyone?

how was your part of the world? do anything fun &interesting?


  1. LOVE the pics! So glad the sun decided to show its face. *ps you can keep it. I'd rather have your rain*

  2. GAH! It didn't rain so that's a positive...but it didn't get warm or sunny either.