Saturday, April 16, 2011

saturdays soapbox

today's weather is a culmination of sucks at life and find another place to plague basically it's "stickin' it to the man" i am not amused. it isn't winter weather but it isn't spring weather. however, terrible weather. it needs to take a flying leap - fer reals.

i am so over it. 

so in lieu of the horrendous weather, we've been chillaxin', watching movies, being lazy, yanno things you do when you're suffering from severe cabin fever. thankfully k is enjoying some much needed sleepover time with gramma dukes so it's just princess lulu and i - yay, that means no cabin fever wwf smack down is happening in this house.

so far, t oday, we've watched the new harry potter move - it was alright. we i cleaned house. then lulu decided it was imperative that charlie and sally (her madame alexander dolls) have a tea party and get dressed up.

so enter hgtv's newest show - operation reorganization: doll wardrobe edition. her madame alexander wardrobe was re-organized to look like the bees knees and miss charlie & miss sally were dazzled up in some tea party diggs. lou had a fabulous time, and its the first time - in her dramatically short life that she played with HER toys & played alone. gasp! could it be true? miss lululemon is finally acting like a normal three year old?

after she was tea partied out, she decided that a movie in my bed was fit for a princess (beauty and the beast) and was insistent on me taking pictures of her.

are you ready for the many faces of lu?


 she cracks me up. what a silly girl! hahahaa!!  
happy weekend!


  1. holy crap!!! I have some great titles for these pictures!!! I LOVE HER!!!! :o)