Sunday, April 17, 2011

things i love sunday

once again, mother nature has plagued us with some unpleasant weather making us all suffer with severe cabin fever - someone pissed in her cornflakes.

so for todays things i love sunday post, i have gathered some things i just cannot forget that i've seen around the interwebs this week.

one of the biggest crazes right now is homemade desert stands - and for the record i will be making these, cheri's are just perfection. subtle and adorable. did i mention cheap?

this week i participated for the first time in Vloggin' Vednesday and the topic was music. this song is pretty bitchin'. and i really like this song, too.

i've decided that if the weather so chooses to stay in a piss poor mood, then we are going to be doing a lot more "preschool" based activities to keep us from turning into savages and eating one another alive, i thought that this robot preschool pack was just way to cute - and free!

and nothing makes me crave spring more than watermelon, and watching this sweet little princess eat her first watermelon makes me want it even more.

scoping out the interwebs this week, and truly trying to figure out where i fit into this lovely blogosphere, i often wonder if people actually read me, or if i'm always talking to myself. then i came across this blog post. i'm pretty sure she put me in my place. i guess it really doesn't matter because after all i do blog for myself, and myself only.

and working on myself means lots of researching on how to get myself happy & healthy when it comes to weight, and i'm pretty sure that jess from IROCKSOWHAT is genius in her thoughts - thanks vanessa for the tip!

i am absolutely positive that lulu needs of these bows from a great friends bowtique! i pick up my order wednesday for lou's easter basket (princess bows, they are the actual princesses made out of ribbon...yes, she's going to be SO.COOL!)

and i have to be just as rockin' as lou, i totally want this necklace, have you checked out love stitched??

so before i go, easter is coming, and what better way than to bake and colour with your kids in the spirit of easter? this is a great website, enjoy!


  1. We got hit with a freak storm here, as well. Isaac went out in his rubber boots to jump on the trampoline in the snow! LOL!

  2. Following from Friday blog hop :D