Monday, April 11, 2011


this is my pep talk
& i need your help.

it is no secret that i'm a curvy girl, and i need a total life style overhaul.
to becoming, healthy.
i don't know where to go, what to do.
other than a few treats (yes, i indulge) i eat pretty healthily.

however, i can't lose weight; or i don't know how.
yes i have crohns..but something has to give.
i'm pleading with my body.

i want my body back.

what do you all do to maintain healthy lives?

my goal this week is to educate myself the best that i can.
i have to change my life.
my body.
my mind.
my soul.
i have to do this for me.

i want to have a great summer.
one without a skewed body imagine.
full of self-esteem.
with zero care in the world.

i want to be able to walk in a store and see what i like and know they have my size.
maybe i eat too much, but the doctor thinks too little.

where to go from here...

can you help?
if you have suggestions. 
suggest below.
alright - GO!

disclaimer: no haterade. i am putting myself out there, if you don't like it. don't read it.


  1. That is how I was feeling a year ago..I was so blah & big..but some changes really made a difference..I read a quote online "move more/eat less" and that motivated me. I educated myself-that was key-I had no idea how to count calories, how bad sodium was, what real serving sizes were, how much water I was to be drinking & how much I needed to be exercising. Once I got some good info under my belt it all came together! Find a sport/exercise you love-and it is not so much about work & more about fun :)
    Anyhoo..check out my blog..I post about my get fit journey each week :) All the best to you!

  2. i have been reading your blog .. ;) i just.. i dunno. i don't drink soda.. i eat tons of fruits/veggies. and we walk a good 2hrs/day. so i'm just so confused.

  3. Good luck, Stacey! I feel like I'm in the same boat minus having Crohn's. The first time I started losing weight in the last 2 years was when I got pregnant and morning sickness happened. I am keeping the weight off for now even with my appetite increase, but I still can't stomach I wonder if coffee was keeping the weight on for me. If you find something that works, let me know.
    As for an activity to help, do you have place you could go swimming at? It's supposed to be an a leisure exercise that burns more and works out your body more but at a passive level.

  4. I don't know a lot about crohns or the affect it has on your body. So I really don't have a lot of advice for you. Maybe ask you dr. what you should do?? Good luck hun...I know how frustrating weight can be. <3

  5. have you read jess' (IROCKSOWHAT) "clean eating" posts? a pretty simple idea but i never would have thought of it until she started writing about her experience!

  6. i do read IROCKSOWHAT and i have to read more on her clean eating.