Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wavy hair? i think so.

definitely not a secret that i have quite a few blogs that i follow, daily. one, in which i adooore, is little miss momma. if you haven't checked out ashley, go - NOW.

the other day i was reading her blog (whatelse would i be doing?) and came across a tute on how to give your hair that wavy look that is totally in style, and it looked SO.EASY to do. she used very little product, and i thought must.do.this. i want cool hair, too!

so. i did.

it's a little flat as it's the end of the day
isn't it fantastic? the best part... took me ten.TEN.10 minutes (i know i'm shocked too!). it was that easy! so check it out and link me if you try, i want to see your fab hair! >wavy hair< thanks for the tute, ashley!


  1. Love love love this!! I did it last night as well and its my new favorite way to do my hair. Easy peasy and uuuber cute! Thanks LMM and thank you Stacey!!!

  2. YAY, you look stunning! the curls are beautiful in you! LOVE LOVE LOVE! thanks girl!

  3. what? cute! i totally want to check this tutorial out now! do you think it would work on shorter hair?

  4. allie, i know a friend of mine has shorter hair than I do and it worked for her. she loves it!