Sunday, April 10, 2011

things i love sunday

pinterest: have you heard of it?

if not, you you have now.

it is the ULTIMATE design/dream/inspiration tool that exists.

want to talk about obsession?

instead of cutting out magazine pictures and using a binder that i seemed to never keep up with. this baby lets me document everything that makes me smile in one place. 

and the best part?
i can share it with others whom enjoy the same things, i do.
& i can check out what others like.

pretty bitchin' if i do say so myself.

 magnificent sunday!


  1. Omgosh..I am already so addicted to tumblr..pintrest would be dangerous for me!

  2. ha i just put on my facebook that im obsessed with pinterest too! =)

  3. hahaha pinterest is faaab. vanessa, you want to be on it! hahaha