Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature Friday Flogger

this week i'm happy to introduce you all to a great, fellow canadian, friend/mummy/blogger, nancy. this mummy friend of mine is pretty wicked cool and i'm pretty sure she could answer almost any question you throw at her, she's there in an instant and she's a fountain of knowledge. she has the sweetest little boys, and want to talk about a small world? her husband used to work for a company that my ex and i used to work for which is where we (my ex and i) met, and we knew/know a few of the same people through this particular company.. pretty crazy stuff right there, it was fate! (now i just sound creepy...) she lives in canada's capital which i think is another pretty cool awesome spectacular interesting fact about her.

so readers meet nancy .. nancy.. readers. 

HELLO!!!  My name is Nancy and I’m from “That Sounds Like Crazy Talk”.  I decided to use that title cuz I’m pretty crazy myself and most of what comes outta my mouth sounds pretty insane.  I am a married mother or two fantastic boys who contribute to my craziness more than I would like!  My first born is Isaac and he is 5.  My second is Gavin and he is 3.  My husbands’ name is Kirk and we’ve been married for almost 6 years.  We live in the suburbs of Ottawa and just love our small little city!
I started to blog because I wanted to respond to something Stacey had written! No, seriously, I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, but haven’t had the gumption to do so.  One night, late at night, I was reading Stacey’s blog and really, really wanted to join the world of bloggers. That night I finally got over my fear and started my very own blog.  The real reason I started my blog was to talk about my life living with mental illness. I wanted others to see that you can still live a (somewhat) normal life and a (somewhat) normal family and a (sometimes) normal job.  Once I started my blog, I just fell into writing about everyday life and I just hope everyone likes reading it as much as I enjoying sharing it with everyone else!
My favourite part about being a Mom would definitely have to be when they tell me that they love me and give me big hugs and kisses.  It doesn’t always happen that way, and I have had my 5 year old tell me that he hates me already. Every now and then, though, the emotion takes hold of them and they give me giant “squishes” (as we call them around here) and will tell me that they love me! Love that part!!  Nothing makes you feel quite so loved! Right now my youngest is really sick and he’s really snugly and adorable. I definitely love getting all the love and attention.
In my spare time I am an avid book reader.  I have a resolution this year to read 12 books this year. I’m already at 8 and it’s only April! Yah, you could say I love to read. We’re also big movie watchers here in this household.  We have a DVD collection that rivals some video stores and we’re constantly adding to it. My boys have also become big movie watchers and really enjoy going to the theatre. Sometimes they don’t sit for the whole movie and Mommy only gets to see half of the movie which is quite frustrating. Be certain when that movie finally comes out on DVD, I am first in line to buy it so I can see how it ends!! That’s the way it was with Megamind. They boys only made it ¾’s of the way thru and I really wanted to know how it ended!!! Oh, the joy of kids!
Well, I hope you found that interesting! Ha!  It’s been a joy getting to know me and I hope to do it again sometime! Thanks, Stace!!

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