Thursday, March 31, 2011

thursday thoughts

today has been one of those less than stellar days. spring is descending upon us, however, we woke up to white fluffy morsels of pure evil. yes, i'm aware - i'm in canada. but you have to stop teasing me mother nature. so i've been feeling pretty mopey lazy super! today has been thrilling. total pajama day, tv day, and even watched the movie black swan. talk about inception with a little the sixth sense and add some broke back mountain female style. it's definitely a must watch, but make sure the tots are not in the room. holy surprising batman.

other than the 3 cups of joe i slammed back, i have been working diligently on this little corner of the world wide web. i feel incredibly thankful and elated that i have been welcomed with wide open arms, can't lie, it feels pretty amazing. i never realized that documenting our exciting boring life and being myself would be accepted and received the way that it has. i could only dream of the outcome that i've had, thus far.

so thank you avid readers, you are the reason i am here.

so i have a serious yet unrefined question.

how many of you buy gifts early for such and such holiday, but have a hard time keeping it hidden until it's time?

i ran down, quickly, to check the mail. i've been awaiting two parcels in the mail for mr man k's easter basket. he is thomas the train obsessed, and unannounced to me, they have a new "easter" train every year. (why hasn't anybody told me this before????) so i have a lovely friend whom found both last years and this years train.


they arrived today. (squeeeeeee!!!)

so, the idea was. save it for the easter bunny to deliver it. do you think i could? nope.
he is now the proud owner of the thomas easter train circa. 2010. however, i did save the rosie train (this years model) for his basket, shh!! don't tell anyone. wait.. i just did. what? don't judge. the smile on his face is the exact reason i couldn't wait!

so, the moral of my story. i have indulgence issues. you've heard it here folks! i have a hard time controlling spoiling my nuggets. i guess last minute shopping is the way i neeed to go in order to save some green. haha!


  1. As always...Love your posts. I feel like I am sitting across the table from you each time I read one. I tend to give to my kids early, too. It's so hard to wait!!

  2. not even. i'm a total sucker! haha