Friday, April 22, 2011

feature friday flogger: ecomodern mom

happy easter weekend everyone! i don't care how you celebrate - just enjoy! i know that we will be; friends, family, and great food. swoooooon. the easter bunny may be visiting sunday as well - are you ready? i finally finished last night...last minute..

today's feature friday flogger is a great friend of mine, my eldest and her only share the same birth month. amongst other love for things that we share. she has a fantastic blog to name one. ecomodern mom reviews unique, green, and those items that aren't your big box store finds. stacey's niche is reviewing and letting you (the reader) know what's out there and different. stacey is very kind and loving - a great woman. strong, interesting, and i could read/hear her stories and affinities for hours, her daughter T is much the same. i am so excited to introduce you guys!




Hello, I'm Stacey, *waves*. I am the writer at the blog EcoModern Mom. The title pretty much says what it's all about, I feature eco+modern products for mom & family. I am a single mommy of a 4 year daughter, Tehya and we live in Maine. I am a Harry Potter loving,  hobbyist photographer, vegetarian, blogging, shopaholic modern mommy. I practice attachment parenting, am very anti mainstream and going more green everyday.

I started blogging (specifically about products) because I live in a small town of Maine where there is absolutely no decent shopping unless you travel far. I became this overly obsessive online shopping addict and I ended up combining my love for writing and shopping together and began a mom blog where I write about my favorite products or companies that in many cases you would not find in stores.

EcoModern Mom is a blog where I find and feature only the best products, products that you can't get at your mainstream megamart store. I like to be different, I don't like my daughter wearing clothes or shoes that every other kid on the block has and am not into plastic toys or character themes and knowing there are many other moms out there in the same boat I like to bring to them those better hard to find items. I'm a modern mommy and a green mommy and most products are either green or modern, it's hard to come by both together and I like to hunt down those products that are and review and feature them on my blog.  I really enjoy blogging because I used to be the mom that was frustrated with mainstream choices and lack of earth friendly options but now that I've become more knowledgeable at finding these things I like to share our finds with the rest of the world.

My favorite part about being a mommy is definitely the random, "I love you too much, mommy" that my daughter says to me everyday. I don't know how it got started but in this house we always add the "too much", it's TOO cute. 

In my spare time I love doing anything outdoors, shooting some pics, spending some time online, shopping, getting fit and hot aromatherapy baths. I also have an unhealthy addiction to certain tv shows and watch tons of movies. Oh, and I have a new found love of building things from wood. I'm still learning of course and finished my first project but it is a ton of fun (minus the sanding, haha) and I see great projects ahead. Now if someone would just teach me to sew, I really want to learn how.

So that is that, happy Friday! Thanks Stacey for the feature, your blog is really great and I love your writing style. Enjoy. :)

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