Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100 things about me {continued}

here we go again.. 

Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers

dun dun DUN.

26. cheez whiz is the devil.
27. feet scare me.
28. i have an addiction to grocery shopping, i love it!
29. i was a straight A, honour roll, student all through school.
30. i don't like jello, the texture grosses me out.
31. our lady peace is epic.
32. i may have the vocabulary of a sailor.
33. if i see a cop car, i cower and get butterflies - like i did something wrong. 
34. i have a slight obsession with the colour purple, secretly.
35. addiction seems cliche when you describe my obsession with facebook.
36. i used to sing in a choir - i'm not sure how i made it.
37. easter lilies are my favourite flower.
38. i hate snow - i live in canada.
39. when i shower, i follow the same routine..ocd much?
40. my blackberry is my mechanical third arm.
41. i don't remember half of my college experience - i enjoyed the drink.
42. naked toe nails give me the heebie jeebies.
43. feet scare me. (yes, i'm repeating)
44. my favourite number is SIX, why? not a clue.
45. ghost stories scare me.
46. i am extremely socially awkward.
47. nail polish is the shit.
48. i cry when i'm mad.
49. i feel helpless and overwhelmed when i see someone in a bad situation and i can't help.
50. i detest homewreckers. refer to: here.


  1. I heart you!! I remember the cheese whiz fiasco when it got on you. Good times!