Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Night and Changes

On the agenda tonight, isn't much of anything. I am that really super dorky cool chick that has such an amazing interesting quickly flying by weekend life that it's incredibly difficult to catch an update from me on the weekend. my weekends are jam packed. ha! ha! Okay, okay you can stop laughing now, i know i am a total fail.

I find it seemingly difficult to find any activities right now. up here in the great white tundra we are in that transition phase. the weather isn't as cold. however, mother nature can't make up her mind. she's on a 6-week hormonal roller coaster and she's ripping through quite possible up here. (notice how i use up here, like i am so much further up on the globe than most? pretty sure being in southern Ontario i'm not really considered that far up, however, just being the top country of nothern america earns me the right. just sayin')

seriously. i've found myself stating many times in the past few days, make up your mind. one day i'm in a long sleeved shirt, running shoes, and were on adventure walks, the next we're experiencing a blizzard fully equipped with my toque, UGGs (hot right!?), mittens, and parka (jokes.), and then the next were having torrential rainfall warnings. clearly with all of this up and down weather, nothing seems appealing other than my rather comfy couch, comfortable yoga pants (i'm sure you're picturing me RIGHT now), the clicker in one hand, bb in the other, and of course my laptop sitting on my lap. kids sawin' logs in their beds. (who am i kidding K is clearly in my bed). watching some sort of mystery show, drug of choice tonight, 48 Hrs Mystery.

with all of that said, being home with my kiddos 24/7, the weekend doesn't really hold a significant meaning of much needed r&r. i do tend to make more plans on the weekends with my family as they do have jobs, however, i am an overly boring person. i fail in the social butterfly category. i prefer the term - socially inept.

today was quite fun. after our extremely fun girls night clearly i was exhausted. i didn't realize how old i feel now that i'm 25. you'd think gramma was here because i was a walking zombie today. we hit up walmart first, all kids in tow including my mom and sister. i had to get my lovely goggles repaired, afterward we descended upon rotten ronnies. grabbed some grub (yes, i know, terrible for me, but it tasted great!) and let the kids run ramped in the playplace (another epic fail, i didn't bring my camera). we were there for quite a few hours, i enjoyed a nice hot caramel sunday as did the kiddies then we came home. my couch has never looked better. i turned on a movie, layed on the couch, and woke up 3hrs later to my son watching tv on top of me (i'm a great cushion, lol), lulu passed out at the other end of the couch. (move over -  granny's moving in! haha!) i have no idea what is wrong with me. so again, here i sit watching 48hrs mystery and blogging. couldn't be happier, really. what a boring life i lead, but i love my friends in my computer. (if i start talking to myself and answering, please admit me to the local mental hospital).

i wanted to let everyone know that i'm working diligently on getting my page in working order. making it look top notch, and thanks to my BFF, nikki, she's helped me make some great buttons and quite possibly the sweetest header you've ever seen (i'm not biased at all!). feel free to add me to facebook, twitter, and bloglovin' and if you'd like to feature me on your blog or snag my button to link your peeps to me have at'er!

until tomorrow.


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