Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Girl Time!

Tonight has been one of the best nights i've had in a LONG time. My mom took mr.K for the night, great bonding time for K and Gramma Dukes. So I asked my niece to come over for a super extravaganza girl's night! Lulu and I made her an invitation.. ensue lots of smiles and screeches.

The invitation stated to bring your most comfortable nighty, a pair of comfortable slippers, her doll. Get ready to mow down on some popcorn and enjoy a tea party! Swoon at the idea of having a total girly evening!

All afternoon I prepped tea sandwiches (tuna) cut up a watermelon, and baked smartie (the Canadian chocolate)chocolate chip cookies from Our Best Bites. THEEEE.BEST.COOKIES.EVER!

While prepping, i made a delicious, mouth watering, succulent, nacho platter. be jealous. It was fab.u.lous! i cubed up chicken, put it in a pan with tex mex seasoning and red peppers.. then i put the chicken on top of sesame organic tortilla chips covering in cheddar cheese. baked the platter in the oven. added some salsa (homemade) and sour cream to the side. voila! rainbows and unicorns floating around creating euphoria in your mouth!

Finally, it was time to get our tea time on! How exciting! The girls had a blast!

During our tea party, my niece was having an extreme amount of fun being a "model". Dream big sweetie.

the many faces of Rhilynn

After our tea party, we made a ginormous, pillow filled, bed on the floor to watch some movies. of course, we picked a girly movie first. Mean Girls 2. After we watched Scooby Doo & the Curse of the Lake Monster.

Any bed that is made on the floor better be comfortable and full of pillows, in this case it's time to test out the comfort level, I mean, duuuh!! You HAVE to!

Shortly there after, it was time to crash, the girls laughed and giggled all night! it was so much fun revisiting that time in my life when there were no worries and it was cool to just be a girl. luckily for my son gramma dukes bailed him out of having to spend his evening with the girls. ha ha!!

It was a great night, and i can't wait to do it again. I love being a girl!

Girls rule, boys drool


  1. Awesome! We need more girls around here.

  2. AWESOME I can't wait till hubby is in school so mommy and girls can have nights like this too!!