Monday, March 14, 2011

One Foot Infront of the Other

this beautiful Sunday started out, off. of course we are all messed up from the time change. i don't even know where the day went, do you?

i decided since the temperature was above 0C that the kids and I were getting out of dodge, we were heading out on some sort of adventure. now that we're back in "town" and no longer living in the sticks I love just taking a walk downtown, to the beach, anywhere. it is a totally different feel than being in the wilderness.

my sister and her kiddies joined us and we set off up the street, not a plan in place, just go where our feet take us. talk about funny yet kind of sad, someone at the old folks home a few blocks up must have been learning to park. their poor car! LOL i'm sure they gave themselves a minor heart attack and an onset of immense confusion. still wondering how they got themselves out of this pickle. 

I am still chuckling. how do you do this?!

after we all gazed at this for an overly long time while giggling and having the wtf look on our faces; oh! and snapping a few pics, we continued on our journey. the kids asking 23432423 questions as to why someone would park their car like that and how would they get it out.

we got a little but further up the sidewalk and ran into a cute little pup, the kids mauled it like it was candy. the poor owner didn't know what was walking towards him because i assure you that if he did, he would have switched to the opposite side of the street when he saw what was coming towards him, and fast.

nice gentleman endured our heathens.
we were finally on our way again, heading towards our downtown core. like i said, we had no plan and i guess a few stops along the way just make the adventure that much better, i bet the lost boys in neverland never use a schedule or have a set itinerary. i've never really stopped for a second and recognized the immense beauty that our teensy little town withholds. its impeccable history screeches at you through the designs of the buildings.

can you believe this is where *i* live? it's within walking distance, clearly. the different materials used to make up these many amazing buildings, the trees that have been living here and houses being built amongst them for years, its all amazing. i cannot capture all of its beauty, however, i think i did a pretty good amateur shoot during our travels. the kiddies had an amazing time. they were definitely worn out on the way back. when we got closer to home, we decided to make a pit stop at the school so they could run off even more energy so that they would come home and nap (haha! insert laughter here)..because we all know that's exactly what our kiddos will do when we come back, right?? riiiight??? only one can dream.

we finally headed home after a little miss, i know everything 5 year old turning 25 decided that her ears were out of commission. the entire way home we heard many critics voicing their opinion "THANKS A! you ruined it for us" - "gee thanks A now we have to go home". haha, always there for each other, but these kids, they turn on you in an instant. at this age they act like a bunch of politicians, have your back until you try to make a stance on your own and when it fails, they run as fast as they can. (haha! jokes)

after getting home, we ordered and ate some pizza, hung out at my sisters and filled the rest of the day dropping our IQs catching some stellar reality tv. Betheny Getting Married. love it! i love the trashy reality tv shows that gives us a look into the rich & famous and how they live. are you kidding. i live vicariously. i would love to be that snobby, shop til i drop over ridiculously overpriced -most of the time i don't find very 'fashionista'- in-style clothing, and have people drive me everywhere while living in an amazing house that someone else cleans and someone to raise my children. who wouldn't?? again, i'm daydreaming.

now i'm blogging to you straight from my comfortable diggs a la bed. watching the news and thinking that once again i'm up much later than i ever anticipated. so on that note.


  1. I love the way you blog...looks like a fun day :)

  2. LMAO love the van and how it's parked!!

  3. Wonderful post. You live in such a fantastically beautiful area.

  4. Q's hat is so cute! Sounds like a total blast of a day!