Tuesday, March 29, 2011

playing catch-up

don't you worry my little pretties, i have not forgotten about ya's. i know that i did post yesterday, but i am totally off of my "schedule" and well, what does it look like if the first week i'm already screwing everything up. (haha, you better get used to it.. i tend to not follow exact plans. oops!) but hello the sun is shining!


once again woe is me, i'm feeling off. not sure what is going on, but i feel like i'm living in oompa loompa land. equipped with silly mirrors and a moving floor. even though i have some odd ailment, the kids and i are still doing random adventures. today was the library. want to talk about how scared i was perusing the library with these two. they are generally pretty well-mannered. but let's be honest; their still kids. so i imagined being THAT mum with THOSE kids whilst their running a muck ripping everything off of the walls screaming, and the scary librarian shushing us. quite the contrary, to my surprise they were extremely well-behaved and jumped right into the experience picking out books and movies to check out. they even loved sitting in the rocking chairs, reading books, and playing with the neat toys that the library had to offer. of course, k picked a batman comic book and an iSpy. lou-belle dora (as if anything else exists) and max & ruby. each got a movie as well.

then it was my turn. mommy taught them how to search for books through alphabetical order and through the numbers. k was a great help! it was then time to check out. much to my dismay ensue extremely curious children pushing buttons, opening doors, and pulling things off of the shelves. however, the librarian was great, she understood, she buzzed through all the books checking them out, and we were out of there.

 these are the books i checked out, i can't wait to read!


i can't wait to get reading these.

after the library expedition. we started to head towards home. as we were walking downtown, we decided that we were hungry and hit up a pizza joint. the kids ate so well, and loved it! totally awesome for my thighs. haha, but as you know we walked so they counteract one another, right??? RIGHT??

we finally hit home and the kids were ready to relax. however -it's tuesday- that means it's family dinner night. so where did i end up? the kitchen. generally, i don't mind. but for some odd reason, i was not feeling the kitchen today. could be that i've spent the last two days in it, it seems. yesterday i made soup, pancake muffins, and some salad. today, i made noodle salad and some congo bars. (my camera died.. so no pic of my congo bars) and since i am the dishwasher i don't think i've ever done so many dishes in my life.

rotini noodles, mixed veggies, italian dressing - voila!
whilst i was busy in the kitchen acting like good ol' martha stewart, the kids were enjoying the sunshine on the porch with playdoh. if ya know me, i dispise playdoh. i don't want to interject in my children's learning and growing, however, playdoh is my arch nemesis. the messes it makes - ugh. it's like little doughy balls of satin! damn you and being so colourful and fun looking that you suck my children in one at a time wanting to play with you. you wreck my table, my carpet, my every.thing. but, haha, jokes on you. the porch is the easiest place to clean it up and we rocked you alllll afternoon. swept it off the balcony and bam, clean up done and happy nuggets. boo-yah. alright, i'm done - promise.

finally everyone arrived for tuesday night dinner. the kids watched tangled, destroyed the bedroom with toys and wrestled -as per usual- with gramma and poppa. but overall a great night with great food and lots of family time. look at me go, getting all sentimental.

now its bloggy-catch up and indulging it guilty tv pleasure. i need popcorn, stat! (guess i also need a microwave - shit shoot! forgot about that small tidbit of important information. jiffy-pop anyone??)


  1. I ♥ you blog posts! Arch nemesis playdoh *snicker*

  2. I think Play-Doh is every mom's arch nemesis...great blog :)