Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekly goals

generally i do these on monday morning, this week is off. we've already ventured down that road in my previous post. so. i'm going to jot down my goals for the week, and please partake. if you either blog about them or set them within yourself, share them with me. alright, GO!

{nutrition} i've been working diligently trying to get away from processed foods and i must say i'm doing pretty awesome, i'm actually feeling less bloated. i've been doing a lot of research (again check my previous post one of the books i checked out of the library) and teaching myself about eating healthy, locally, and what kinds of foods my body needs to be the healthiest it can. i  know i have a disease so i am not able to "diet" however, i can be healthy. and im loving drinking a little fresh sliced lemon in water. deeelish!

{exercise} i failed last week. epic fail. we walk, daily. as long as the weather allows us. however, i didn't partake in any EXTRA exercising activities. i do think that i am training for the strong man competition. grocery shopping and walking. HARD. i carried about 35lbs home. my arms were feeling the burn.

this week my plan is to continue the path i'm heading down. when the sun is shining there is nothing i'd rather do then be outside enjoying every minute of it with the kids. on our walk home today listening to the birds chirping was fabulous. i loved it!

{relationships} this week i'm going to continue working outside of the box and spending a little more special time with my nuggets. i know we're enjoying it. i feel the love. and their smiles melt my heart. i also am trying to expand this to my outside friends, being an introvert makes it extremely difficult to reach out to the people in your life outside of your front door.

{creativity} i've been cooking/baking up a storm, i have found inner-peace with this. i even revamped my baking cabinet. more healthy cooking and baking to ensue this week.


for some reason this is dark. but after!
{me-time} blogging has been my "me-time" sanctuary. i love this blogging community and feel extremely grateful that i've been welcomed with open arms. this weekend i hope to get out while the kids are visiting with their dad, and get some shopping done.

what is everyone else planning for the week? have any personal goals? i want to hear it!


  1. I just updated the results from my mini-goals I posted last week..but I haven't thought of any for this week yet..need to get on that!

    I love that baking is your creative thing..yum yum!!

  2. vanessa that's awesome :) Go yooou!!
    can you re-link me to your blog, i can't seem to find the link in my bookmarks