Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lazy mornings

it's no hidden secret that i suffer from crohn's disease. i'm on a round of infused medications called remicade. up until this week, i was on an 8 week schedule of being infused, so at this point the final 2 weeks are pretty much null and void. i find myself having intense flare ups and this has been happening more and more, each time worst than the previous. so we finally got it set up that it has been increased a vile (100 mcgs) and moved back to every 6 weeks, i couldn't be more excited. this week i am a slug, moving slower and slower, and cannot get my rear out of bed in the morning. usually i get up, brew some tassimo (relentless guilty pleasure), check blogland, then get to work on my cleaning. by lunch everything is spic and span and we have the rest of the day to do whatever we shall choose.

this week, ha! this week i cant get out of bed, living on caffeine highs to get some energy to keep up with my housework, and find myself napping after dinner time. what gives? no wonder i am up all hours of the night. but heck, i guess it's paying off. lovely little facebook messages about how i've screwed up someones morning routine when i don't blog the evening before (sorry kimmy, i luff you!!).

i can say that i was feeling complete and utter proudness (yes, i just went there) to know that i am apart of somebodies daily routine. makes me feel incredibly full of myself that i finally worked up enough courage to put all of my thoughts down on "paper", and i mean this in complete theory, as i am in fact typing onto a computer screen as opposed to using the old hand to write it out. i will be honest, if i had to actually write this out, i wouldn't do it. if i did - it wouldn't be near as often.

so as im sitting here, rambling on and on. i wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my readers and sanks for accepting me into the blogging community. i heart it even more than i ever thought i could.

and, if i'm apart of your morning routine or any part of your day, please let me know.
and if you have any sort of advice, wants/needs, or to just say - hello! e-mail me. i would love to hear from you.

so this is what our lazy morning looks like: (i'm sure you all are wondering what it looks like because if it were me reading, i would because i'm incredibly nosey curious.)

spent in our scivvies
we get to build things
video games
and a platter of fruit
so that's our morning, this morning. looks fun, doesn't it? gravel in my awesomeness. ha! ha! jokes.

enjoy your day, and i'll be back tonight in order to not mess with anymore routines.

but before i go, the kiddies wanted to say thank you. (this is my less than stellar attempt at getting them to do things together, i'd say we have work to do!)


  1. wooo i got a shout out! hehe... I love reading your blog girl.... you are a good writer. and i get to keep up on ya too <3 xoxo

  2. girl, you're part of my morning, afternoon and night routine! LOL x0x0x

  3. Definitely agree, love reading the blog!

  4. i am jealous of your lazy mornings :)