Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting to know me:

i figured i would start a "getting to know me segment" to help my readers get a bit of an insight on how this cynical brain of mine works. are you getting excited? of COURSE you are, why wouldn't you?

one of the many components that helps make this person that i call, me, is a passion and love for art. art soothes me. art is everlasting and runs through my blood. i'm extremely disappointed to inform you all that i haven't dabbled in my art abilities in a very long time, why? good question. i cannot answer that. regardless, i do tend to see the beauty of everyday things artistically. and in reality, i really can't say that i haven't dabbled in it at all. i have been using my artistic abilities through photography as opposed to sketching and painting which most would say is my "forte".

growing up i was always drawing and painting. i cant really remember a time when i wasn't. my father, in the sperm donor sense, was also artistically able-bodied. lol. we would draw/sketch together. i love sketching. as i got older the sketching turned into acrylic painting. i went through an extremely rough time during my early teen years and one of the ways to deal with it was through painting.

recently, i thought about picking up some sketch pencils and a sketch book and start drawing again. it's extremely therapeutic. and why not? gives me something else to do since yanno, i don't do much of anything already. ha ha! jokes.

so here are a few of my faaaavourite artists/paintings. one of them is my own replica.

the first artist on the docket is vincent van gogh. he is my top favourite artist. his paintings are impeccable.

Self-portrait Vincent Van Gogh
Sunflowers - Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night 2 Vincent Van Gogh
*my* replica. Stacey Gordon
Another Favourite Artist, Frida Kahlo:

self portrait after her back was broken.
the little deer.
and the last i'll share, Andy Warhol, i heart Pop Art!

Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe
and i just wanted to share this picture of Audrey Hepburn. luff it!

Audrey Hepburn
so there you have it. art plays a significant role in my life, and i'm definitely integrating it into my nuggets lives as well. they love art, you'll get a glimpse later tonight on their art.

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  1. My grandpa was a local artist so I have artist/creativity in my blood. I love to write I am not a painter or drawer.