Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I Love Sunday!

its that time of the week again, and hello 1 week anniversary! how exciting. swoon.

well it isn't that big of a secret that i have a pretty well-known obsession with hello kitty. i have for, well, forever. i mean who wouldn't. hello kitty is incredibly adorable, duuuuh, its a kitty, has a pink bow, and its totally just, i cant even explain it! love love love hello kitty!!! so in my travels of just checkin' out hello kitty and it's amazing things. i found love.

hello sewing machine, adorable.
here comes the bride.
prom baibii!
we wish you a merry christmas
hello vroooooom!

until tomorrow.


  1. the sewing machine is cuuuute =^_^=

  2. I want that Hello Kitty car!!!!!!!! I still have my orignal hello kitty stuffed!!