Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Has Spring, Sprung?

today, like any other day, we set out on an adventure. all four kids in tow. my sister and i are trying to give them a great march break. aren't we so nice?? hahaha. actually, my kids don't get to experience march break yet as they aren't in school - shoot. 1 more year. kidding. in all actuality i'm not looking forward to mr man K to attend school next year. he's my baby boy. he's not old enough yet, anyways. back onto the subject on hand. i ramble a lot. (i'm sure you've noticed!) so today was another "let our feet lead the way." which we did.

and this is where we ended up.

you guessed it, we ended up at the beach. inlet of lake ontario. absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to spend every day here this summer.

Lulubelle on the boardwalk
i'm getting tired momma.
we finally headed home after a quick pit stop at the local store to grab some good ol' sidewalk chalk to hit up our creative abilities to graffiti my balcony. the trip home consisted of me chanting "i dont know what i've been told but lulu's whining is getting old, she's short and loud but super cute, i wish i could put her mouth on mute". yes, i REALLY went there. i don't think i've ever endured quite as much whining as i did on the way home. i told them as we continued to walk "yanno, the farther away from home we walk, the longer it takes to get home" but as you can tell they insisted we keep going, so we did. not sure about the rest of you, but i am not a body builder and there is no way that i'm able to carry either one of them. apparently i missed the class on balancing children on my head. they even got so incredibly tired they were fighting over who was napping where when we got home. hey! whatever works, right? i was just incredibly stoked that they planned on napping when we got home, wooo!!

we got home and immediately they were grabbing the newly purchased chalk from my hands and heading out to the balcony, i stood there playing back the extreme argument we had on the way home. i was puzzled, didnt they just fight over where they were napping? hello! i'm still on the idea of napping, remember that??!! they didn't go for it. boo. so outside they went, to graffiti my balcony. they had a blast! it's like a built-in babysitter. who knew? (nobody give my little secret away). they spent the rest of the evening out there, i was impressed. i had to drag them in to eat. my nieces even came up to get artistic. i heart it!

i snapped a few pics, enjoy. their creative abilities are amazing, of course - no biased.

can you see the green sun ^^ here? 
the chalking on the front porch helped us reach an exciting milestone for mr. man K. he looked at my sun, and he drew his own. he was so impressed with himself. do you see that? this is my picasso. he makes my heart happy.

after that little piece of the sky (his sun of course), he came running in to show me his rain cloud with lightening coming out of it. woow, this is my kid? reeeeeally? i know he's 4, but people, this child does nothing without a fight. Pre-K was scaring me. he'd be THAT kid that disrupted the entire class. haha, but of course. he's MY kid, and he's "practically perfect in every way" (totally quoted mary poppins). monet manet gauguin look out, you have an up and coming artist in the midst and he's coming fast.

an original: rain cloud with lightening
lulu taking credit for my flower, miss fashionista herself, watch the runway for this look.
spring has sprung people, you have now received the memo!


  1. I love your ramblings!! You have a talent taking pictures by the way!1

  2. sounds like a super fun day and LOVE LOVE your chanting!!! LOL

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