Saturday, March 19, 2011

Featured Friday Flogger!

yes, i am completely aware that we're on saturday morning. forgive me? we played like red riding hood and to grandmothers house we went. ha. she's going to love that i just said that. grammadukes grabbed us after a long day of venturing around town running errands. last night we just ate some dinner and hung out - lots of fun. hehe, in all honesty it was quiet and very relaxing. so because of this, i wasn't able to get my friday blog post up.

from now on, fridays will be called "featured friday flogger" {flogger=friend, blogger}. every friday i plan will feature a friend whom blogs and we will learn all about them and their corner of the internet. so before i bore you with my long-winded ramblings, lets get to business.

this first cool chick is lori/laura, i met miss lori/laura on a popular mom chat site, mr man K and her youngest both share a birthday month/year, and we met through that specific "chatroom". this momma is pretty wicked awesome, she's so sweet and loving, and she never has anything bad to say, ever. i feel very lucky to have met her, and share experiences through motherhood with her. lori/laura informed me, not too long ago, that she uses BOTH names. i was shocked, i had no clue who laura was. haha! she was playing with my head, i swear. i still get confused but like to razz her by using both names - i mean, who wouldn't? or am i the only person with a twisted mind? (this could be true).

Hi! I'm Lori, I'm from the love and life of an everyday mom and wife, I am a SAHM to 3 wonderful kids and have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 7 years now, but don't let all the gooey stuff fool you :)....I am a closet hip hop dancer (shhh...don't tell) and I like to sing and dance all around the house while I clean.
In my spare time I like to lay in the sun and read...sometimes I like to daydream about sparkly HOTTIE vampires and tan hunky werewolves, lol.  My wonderful family and I were all born and raised in the hills of WVa.  And if you tell me you have family or friends in Roanoke then I will reach into my computer and smack
some sense into you.  And if you have ever heard anything weird or gross about people from WVa (thanks a lot makers of "wrong Turn" and "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia")  then don't believe it because most of us are normal, lol.

what made you start to blog?
I started blogging because my good friend started one and was telling me how much fun it was....I figured i would go ahead and type out my thoughts and events even if I was the only one that wanted to see it...just like an online journal :)

what do you like to blog about and why?
I am always blogging about my kids...they crack me up and say crazy things and do crazy things and it is just too funny to keep to myself...sometimes I blog about the rest of my family but the kids are who I am around the most so they are most of my blogging subjects.

what's your favourite part about being a mom?
I love all the hugs and kisses and I love you's that come along with being a mom.....sure they tend to drive me bananas, but I love them to death and hearing "I love you momma" with a giant hug makes all the bad go away :)

what do you like to do in your spare time? no kids.
Like I said before...I love reading in my spare time.  Most of the time I only get spare time during night time when they are asleep (at least until next year when my youngest goes to school)  I also like shopping (shoes and purses are the best!)  I am a firm believer in shopping as therapy...I know I always feel better after I get something new.
are you a crafter, baker, cook, or artist?
I like to paint and draw but I havent done it since HS....I also LOVE to bake.  It's so much fun to bake a cake or cookies or something else from scratch...something about putting all these things together to make something so DELICIOUS!

do you have any special talents?
I come from a LONG line of musicians...just about everyone on my dad's side of the family play instruments and sings.  I play the drums (again, haven't since HS)  and sing.  Most of the time I only let loose and really sing in front of my close friends or family.  When I have to do it in crowds I tend to get really timid and my stage fright takes over and my whole body begins to shake.   I sing in my churches choir but that's in a group so nobody can single me out if I mess up, lol. 

thanks lori/laura for participating in my feature friday flogger. surprisingly, i learned things i didn't know before. or, maybe you told me and i wasn't paying attention - oops.  be sure to pop by her blog and check it out, be careful: you might fall in love with her family.

i shall be back later tonight, in between retail therapy and our bonfire fiesta (first of the year, woo!) i'll be sure to show you all of my finds, this trip is all about me. swooooooon.


  1. Awesome idea Stacey!! Hi Lori *waving* two of my great freinds I met through that same site!!

  2. I love this idea, Stacey. I love reading your blog posts. It gives me something to aspire to!!!

  3. I am wondering what the things are that you learned about me that you didn't already know?? LOL..I thought I told you everything ;)