Sunday, March 20, 2011

things i love sunday vol 3

for anybody that reeeeeally knows me, knows that i have a huge slight obsession with nail polish. i am constantly looking for a new polish to sport, and i'm one of those; i heart dark colours. i really do. i mean, i don't think it looks emo/dark whatever you want to call it, i think it looks fab, and for someone like me who doesn't necessarily like to be "out there", this is my way of adding pizazz to my wardrobe.

in my opinion, everyone should have sally hansens complete manicure collection. i have about 10 different colours from the collection and all i can say is, faab! (i'm totally serious.) it has everything all in one, top coat etc. like a manicure at home, but cheaper.

one of my favourite colours is commander in chic. it is a must have for any nail polish connoisseur's collection. heaven and good for any time of the year, seriously.

c/o walgreens
isn't this colour fantastic? it's not grey, but it's not purple, but it's... alright, i'll stop now. just swoon. isn't it the taj mahal of colours? (just humour me here peeps).

over the weekend, i did some extreme retail therapy. i needed it, i really did. i am one of those "moms" that goes shopping, for myself, and always comes home with things for the kids and never.ever for myself. i come home and say to myself well yah i bought....noo wait? maybe i didn't. oh riiight, i put that back. oops!

so back to the story at hand, because once again i went off on a tangent, lol. on my me holiday - ha. i grabbed myself two new colours. the first one i put on tonight - bees knees. that's all i'm saying.

c/o walgreens.
all fired up. this is the colour for the summer. i am totally in love, i know it's not commander, but people. we have hit the red jackpot of nail polishes. this baby is smokin!

the other puppy i bought was problem child. i'm usually not a purple person (no purple lovin' haters please) however, i have found a love in purple nail polish. problem child is hella cute. it's sparkly, dark, and that little splash of colour is great for any outfit. especially for someone like me, whom is generally wearing the black/white hues. i sometimes get daring and wear a colourful scarf. (my new one is coral!)

do you share in my enthusiasm, or am i that crazy friend once again who you just smile and nod -acting like you care? haha. if you love it, what colour are you sporting?


  1. love love looooove Commander in Chic! Its my go to shade! Now here's to there actually BEING the other colors when I go on my polish run.

  2. Right now I am wearing O.P.I.'s red...but I am loving that purple one you pictured (purple lover here). I won't hold the fact that your NOT a purple fan against you though ;)

  3. I think I'm gonna have Rancy do mine orange....I'm feeling funky!!!

  4. My favourite right now is Viva Pink by Avon. I usually only paint my toenails cuz polish never stays on my nails long!

  5. right now i'm sporting the "shabby chic" look, aka chipped off and in desperate need of a pedi. i think it somewhat resembles a sparkly purple. ha. =) but i'm so going on the hunt for that red! HOT!