Thursday, March 17, 2011


sorry for the short-term vacation - wish it were paid. today was juice bar day at the infusion clinic. this chick feels like the mack truck ran her over, then backed up over her again making sure there isn't a moment she doesn't forget that it's kicking her ass butt. (nothing overly dramatic about that, right? lol) i shall be back tomorrow! i'll be replaying vacation tapes on the back of my eyelids otherwise holding down the couch, just in case we end up with highwinds and it tries to blow away.

on vacation...jokes
before i DO bid you adieu for the evening. a quick insider. go and check out just lovely things she's having a giveaway, yes i said it - a give.a.way! Heather's giving away something from little miss mommas etsy shop. peruse little miss mommas sassy/beautiful/amazing jewelery. and don't forget to check out Heather's corner of the world wide webbers, another blogger that is pretty fantastic in my books!

reminder: dont forget to add your ballots to get entered in the giveaway! you won't be sorry.

if you haven't clicked on the "giveaway" yet, do it -now.

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