Friday, March 25, 2011

feature friday flogger v.2

happy friday everyone, hope that your weekend is full of some great wind-down and r&r. we all know we need it. today on feature friday flogger i'm letting you get a glimpse into the life of one very kick ace friend of mine. miss jenny-fir, hehe. jennifer is a very dear friend. hard to believe but almost FIVE years ago we met on a little mommy site and it's been a blissful friendship ever since. (we're thick as thieves.)

what can i say about jenn. she's pretty fantastic, yes you should be jealous you're not friends with her. our eldest nuggets are only a little over a week apart. we went through the ups and downs of having our first bambinos, second bambino's, break-ups, new loves, and everything else in between. we share a love for many things crafting, style, NAIL POLISH, blogs, and more. recently we both started blogging, her corner of the internet is pretty fantastic; swoon at her crafting ideas. i know i do, and her son mav - melt. he's so incredibly handsome, chloe? she's a girl from my own heart, firecracker doesn't even begin to explain her. jenn is going to have so much fun with her (haha) when she's a teenager. jenn is the BEES KNEES. i heart her. so before i ramble on more with extreme sentimental pride of having jenn in my life, here she is!

hi! i'm jennifer aka miss-amomynous! i'm a sahm/wahm to a 4 year old daughter, chloe and a 20mos old son, mavrick. my hubby is scott, and we live in canada! (cue canada jokes...) we are all impatiently waiting for summer! cabin fever has hit in full force and i can't wait til we're having backyard barbecues & i can get my hands dirty in the gardens! i have a small daycare with a total of 4 bonus boogers that keep me on my toes and ensure i'll have a full head of white hairs by the time i'm 30! 

what made you start to blog? 
i started blogging as a way to share photos with family! but then stacey oh so innocently (ha!) introduced me to the world of craft blogs. i was all over them like white on rice! i think i filled my bookmarks column twice over with all these exciting things i wanted to try! it wasn't until recently it occured to me that i too, could create an exciting blog like the ones i've been addicted to! 

what do you like to blog about and why? 
right now i just blog about my day to day life. lots of photos, as family members love the updated pics! there are some kid-friendly craft ideas as well - but as i finish more projects, i intend on posting tutorials!

what's your favourite part about being a mom? why?  
My favourite part of being a mom is the slobbery wet kisses, watching all the exciting milestones from learning how to walk to saying "looooove you!", who wouldn't love that!?

are you a crafter, baker, cook, or artist? 
i'd classify myself as a crafter/baker. i'm not a fan of cooking, and i'm not really artistic in the drawing/painting sense! i dabble in sewing and paper crafts at the moment. and of course, lots of fun kid-friendly crafts!

do you have any special talents?
i can wiggle my eyes side to side! :S

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