Thursday, March 24, 2011

thursday thoughts ep.1

are you like me and you constantly have random thoughts floating around your melon, and you can't figure out where they stem from. did i dream it? did i see something subconsciously? maybe i made it up?

this is totally me. i think about everything, more than most. for instance, today, i couldn't help but think why i have such a perverted mind. yes, i have one heck of a perverted melon. every time i hear a statement that could be even the tiniest bit silly, i automatically think of a sexual innuendo. this is just me. dirty mind, i can't help it. i find myself even chuckling at the most ridiculous sexual innuendo, like someone eating a banana. i won't go into detail, i don't want to offend anyone, but am i the only one like this?

we were raised in a very relaxed household. though we were allowed to ask any question we wanted and had a very open communicating life style, we still were raised to have respect. however, my mind is still stuck in the fifth grade. someone says something like "i thought they were going to rear-end me" i go into pervert fifth grader mode. i do everything in my power not to giggle under my breath and make a total ass butt of myself.

maybe i'm just overly immature? lol. yeah, that definitely could be the case. but that's alright, you love me anyways, riight??? RIGHT!

which brings me to my next subject, do you always say what's on your mind? hypothetically in a perfect world, i would always say what's on my mind - though i come off very strong and able to maneuver myself in the most respectable way possible, i'm a chicken. yes, you caught me, i am a CHICKEN. generally in any convo i am candid and a bit of a cynic. but, i can't always tell people how i feel, i find myself biting my tongue. unfortunately, though i can tell you how i feel and be the nicest possible, others don't always react to me in the nicest way possible. ensue hiding and wishing i never said anything. i hate conflict. i'm great to sit down tell you how i feel and discuss it, but the moment you go raising your voice at me, i hermit. faaast.

so tell me, are you outright and forthcoming, or, do you save your ass butt the best you can and keep your mouth shut?


  1. HEHEHE...2 peas Stacey, 2 peas. Anyway, I completely giggled when my son commented on how big his banana was. Unfortunately I don't normally speak my mind...if I did I would get into trouble.

  2. I generally keep quiet when it's appropriate. But I am also like you....I have the mind of a fifth grader, too. And I can't always stop myself from giggling out loud!