Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday's soapbox (odds & ends)

last night we (momma dukes, aunties, friends, betches) went out. it was a total girl's night. hells ya! we headed out and hit up hooters. ha, it was awesome seeing a lot of creepy men googling at the waitresses oogles hanging out to google. hehehehee. quite interesting, enjoyed some drinks, enjoyed some wings, enjoyed talking about the most taboo subjects at the dinner table. but of course, we talked the shit crap out of them.

after eating grub and making the waitress blush, we hit up the bar to see ambush play. unannounced to me i was under the assumption that this was a rock band, no - this was not. it was country. although they played covers of some great rock bands, there was still a lot of country played. (now, before the country lovers pounce on me, i never said there was anything wrong with country, it's just not my cup'o'tea.)

it was a great night overall. i got to enjoy some me time, which comes rarely (and i'm not complaining, even last night being away i missed my nuggets). i love hanging with the ladies, even if it was bulldog night at the bar. (hahahaahahahaahaha!!!!!)

today. ugh. today has been a day from hell. no, i'm not hungover. last night i started feeling a headache coming on - blah. i don't get them often; ensue ginormous baby. i don't deal with head pain. give me kidney stones any day over a headache or tooth pain. (lol, don't laugh at me.) so today i have been holding the couch hostage while my lovely nuggets have wreaked havoc over my house, especially their bedroom. (womp.) wanna talk about a tornado? thankfully, they picked up to the best of their abilities. and now they're sleeping sound. (unfortunately, mr man k was complaining about his head hurting before bed...)

so now, i baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and am on here surfing the net. i don't mind, at all. my headache is subsiding so i'm checking out some of my favourite blogs, in blogland.

i changed my twitter, did some new fancy colours. swoon.

i'm am completely jealous that i don't live closer to AZ, i would love to be with a lot of my favourite bloggers at the AZBloggersMeetup some fabulous ladies will be there. (or are there, enjoying dinner, as i type this.)

i really love jen's blog. >here< on top of her beautiful daughter, great family - her style is pretty fantastic. faaaab.

a new bambino has sprung, he's beautiful! congrats!!

if you're into baking, at all. then you've heard of bakerella. she has the best ideas, and if you haven't heard her recent sad story that brought tears to my eyes, read it here. cheering for you and thinking of you through this entire process and extremely difficult roller coaster you're on. xx

this little piece of fabulous, couldn't get any cuter.  i would be so excited to bake, constantly. makes me giggle like a 5yr old. hehehe.

if you haven't checked out made by joel, you better get your ass butt over there, he has some fantastic ideas. he has "paper cities" sooo cool, and it's a great, simple way, for your beans to use their imagination with a ton of play. we'll be doing them this week! >here<

so that's all for me on this low-key saturday night folks. as i go, i've added a playlist, for your enjoyment.

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  1. found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

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  3. So sweet. Thank you very much!
    Happy Monday