Tuesday, January 3, 2012


entering 2012 like every other year.
inspiring thoughts and goals circling around my mind. repeating to myself over and over that i can accomplish any of these that i set and follow through. then my cute cynical side kicks in and they all fall by the waist side and i quickly remind myself that just like 85% of the rest of the world's population these will soon be forgotten.
when 2013 hits i'll wonder whatever happened to these goals and probably wonder what they even were. then alas! i shall remember this year i have a cold ass reminder that i actually jotted these suckers down, in a public forum, for many of my peers to remind and judge me that i said this and i'm doing that.

well touche, friends. touche!
i will write these goals. albeit vagueness will screech from these sentences of glorified perpetual goals, one of these will be completed by 2013.

ask me next year & you shall receive a good (may be grim) report that something was accomplished.

so here we go. you ready?
  1. i shall get dressed, in normal non-pajama type, clothing at least 3 days a week. hey! i'm aiming high peeps, but lets be realistic. i don't go anywhere!
  2. i will make better choices within my life and what i can control. food peeps, food. no, this is not i am goin g to be healthier and lose weight - but, i shall make the better choice if given that opportunity. kapeesh?
  3. i shall wear my hair down & different more often. i will not put a numerical amount of days per week on this one.
  4. start collecting board games & have a family game night with the kids.
  5. go out more often.
  6. use the word douchebag less when referring to baby daddy. hey! one can set high goals? amiright?
like i said, not getting into the socially acceptable stream of setting goals and then failing miserably. just not something i'm into - this practice is equal to going to the dentist for me. so maybe this in itself is setting a goal? haaa. we all know that if i promise to wear makeup more often or plan to go on vacation either alone or avec nuggets that will also fail, i'm a homebody and i don't have a lot of money oh and did i mention the fact that i'm socially inept when it comes to public speaking; meaning i don't pair well with the outside world and having to use my voice. i love my computer and i love being relaxed (some might confuse this with laziness). let's be honest, I probably won't even follow through with half of these we all know i love my messy bun and pajamas. duh!  this is just who i am. i'm okay with being me.

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  1. I love you just the way you are....rock on girl!