Sunday, October 2, 2011

this & that.

what a whirlwind of a week/weekend. i find it extremely hard to balance blogging/internet time with appointments, kids, free-time, and everything else in between.

this past week was a doctors appointment for myself which resulted in having to have another colonoscopy, nothing like having someone stick a video cam in your rear and getting to watch it while they oo and ah over the different "findings" they happen to fall upon. really, i'd rather tooth pain. but, it is what it is. i have to take care of myself.

then kman had an appointment, well i had an appointment for him while he was at school. behavioral specialist ..which is where we are heading in the morning. school is slowly forcing him to come unglued. although he is an angel at school, the moment i pick him up he loses it & the flood gates open as all of his emotions come flowing out. hopefully we can find a better balance. otherwise i may be forced to perform an exorcism on my mini linda blair whom has adapted to the satin voice very well i must say.

other than that, i finally bought myself a new outfit & felt fabulous in it. got myself a new book the hunger games & the kids spent the weekend at their dads. so what did i do? acted like it was 2004. let me tell you - i am no longer 20; i felt it. i have officially experienced my first hangover at 25years old. no bueno. 

i will be back tomorrow with a more in depth story about my weekend & the scary fun adventures!

did lmm's hair tute: great hair day!

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