Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lunch time

on the bleubird blog, the lovely james is always posting her "kiddo lunches" and she inspired me to do more for kohen than the general everyday lunch that you see. full of packages and tons of boxes. she also introduced me to the goodbyn.

honestly? love at first sight. we got ours last week and it was the best investment i have ever made. srsly. 

so what's on the menu this week?

superfruits nutrigrain bar, laughing cow cheese, crackers, organic apple, ranch dip,
organic bunny grahams, hummus, pita bread, organic carrots. drink: v8 fusion strawberry banana

superfruit nutrigrain bar, banana yogurt, organic peach, medium cheese, natural ham,
organic(homemade) banana/choco chip mini muffins, organic cheddar bunnies, organic bunny grahams (honey)
drink: organic milk

k loves his goodbyn &lou will totally be getting one next year! best part? it washed right up. & the best part no baggies! (i despise those things!)

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