Tuesday, September 27, 2011

p-p-p-piiinterest: hallowe'en

with hallowe'en fastly approaching & fall is in full swing. pinterest is buzzing with food, crafts, activities, decor, etc etc etc. i love love love this season. the aromas, the cooler weather, the baking, pretty much everything about it is tres awesome.

so what better way to share the aromas via e-reading, then to show you some of my beloved pins! i have an entire pinboard dedicated to hallowe'en &all of it's awesomesauce that comes with it.

these particular treats, am-a-zing. great for every and any party that you may run into. the entire blog has many great ideas for favours & you have to have some yummy activities to do with the nuggets! {more here & here}

decor? some awesome ideas and totally cheap. let alone adorbs! who doesn't love the colours in candy corn?

these jar luminaries, are you joking? i am totally making these. super cute & no hallowe'en party is finished  without a ton of bats!

pumpkins... i love decorating pumpkins & we all know hello kitty is my &louloubirds faaav. so add the 2 together? say whaaaaa? {i totally found free printable cut-outs!}

cupcakes? 'nuff said.

what are your newest pins on pinterest & are you ready for the month of october?? i know that i am!

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