Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tuesday fright night

i am sitting at the computer desk in my parents livingroom. 11pm.start feeling a tad parched and proceeded to venture up to the kitchen to take care of my problem.
on my jaunt to the kitchen i glanced into the front entrance way, noticing how dark it seemed to me, but didn't think anything of it. i poured myself a glass of water (i know im boring) and worked my way back down the stairs to the computer desk. glancing back into the entrance way on my way by.

paralizing fear swept over me. 

i stopped dead in my tracks.

i had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that i always get as the music plays right before the murder takes place in a horror film. so i stood there, deer in headlights; glaring.

am i imagining this?

i kindly bolt out my brothers name "dustin?"
no reply.

this time, not as kindly, i belt out "dustin!"
again, no reply.

now i'm literally shaking , still in the same spot i started, haven't moved an inch.

one last time, i bellow, "dustin! you better not be fucking with me!!"
it's only logical that my little brother would be inside of the house trying to be a dick, right?
the paralyzing fear started to go away slowly and with no noise or movement in the area i went on my way back on the computer desk.

i couldn't get the feeling to subside completely, so i texted my brother.

me: "where are you??"
dustin: "at a friends around the corner, why?"
me: "are you fucking with me? i swear to ... "
me: "i am serious WHERE ARE YOU???"


so im now replaying the entire scenario out to my friends via: msn. all of a sudden i have this awful feeling run over me and realize that the light was now, off. srsly.

for the love of michael meyers, i am in a horror film. i am finally convinced this shit is.happening. i'm not imagining it!

now i am feeling brave. i will check this out.. so i walk towards to front door.. slowly.. creeping..
open it up, walk outside, investigate.
the night is quiet, clear, and not a rustle in the bushes.


i swing around convinced im going to piddle in my pants. &to my horror, the front door had closed shut.
i shrill starting to run towards the door like the asshole that i am.

i am quite aware of the "what not to do when you find yourself playing out a horror flick scene" rules.
the first rule would be this: if you encounter yourself outside and a door slams shut DO NOT RUN BACK IN THE HOUSE. i totally did. i am totally only going to be casted as the first character to die in this tragic horror flick. i was ready to run smack into a man with a butcher knife and a lovely mask screaming "please don't hurt me mister! i'll do anything! i.don'". <-- see this, i should have been an actress!

you'll be happy to know, i did not run into a creepy murderer on the loose. in fact, i walked back into a quiet house, still without my brother there, but ...

the light was back ON.

now im starting to get angry! what in thee hell is happening???

*ring ring* (my cell phone)

dustin: "what is your problem"
me: "are you in this house right now???"
dustin: "no??? im at a friends up the road, why?"
me: "thelightkeepsgoingonandoffandi......"
dustin: "i'll be right there!!!!!"

within minutes the front door flies open and hes huffing and puffing wondering what the hell i was talking about. i explain it super fast and he now has the deer in the headlights look that i had when it first happened. so, like the awesome little brother he is, he went to the basement and all over the house, begrudgingly i might add, making sure that it was a psychotic mass murderer free zone &i could continue on with my night diaper-free with my head still attached to my body.

i will tell you, i did not sleep well. that actually is an understatement, i went to bed when the sun came up. i was still completely baffled as to what went on and why there was no explanation. there were no more light encounters that evening, no noise, no.. nothing. completely horror film free.

today whilst venturing back to my parents, i was informed that the light that was going on and off was in fact, dying. yes.. apparently the new fancy lightbulbs don't flicker like the older ones, they randomly go on and off until dead. (really, shouldn't there be written instructions for these things &be posted somewhere so you can ensure that these types of nights are prevented? common sense people!)

i was let aware that there wasn't a psychotic maniac trying to kill me. i guess i should be happy.



  1. I was seriously spooked for you, not cool! But the upside, your followers now know those blasted energy effiecent bulbs mess with your mind when they do out. Glad I know now so I don't msn you in a panic because this chick aint venturing outside up here in the mountains. Thing WILL eat me.

  2. Man that is scary. I didn't know those bulbs do that. And that door closing on you was probably a coincidence, but at the same time as the light thing is super freaky. Glad your head is still attached, lol. Oh....And I can totally picture your face in place of that ladies in the funny.