Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wordless[ish] wednesday

okay, kind of wordless[ish]. i guess this is where the [ish] comes into play, right?

don't get me wrong, i love little girls with bangs. i just didn't know how i felt about lou sporting the front short do. she has been begging for me to cut her hair, and now that it's finally long enough to actually go into ringlets (since the great hair massacre of 2010) and she has longer hair to go into pigtails, ponytails, doos of that nature - i did not want to mess with it. why mess with something that works, right? (certain online social networking sites should take that advice) anywhoo.. i was trimming kmans hair out of his eyes so that we can make do until right before school starts. she begged for her hair to be done, like a puppy dog wanting a treat begged, it was bad. i felt sorry for her, she looked so pitiful and so sure of her decision.

needless to say, i took the plunge &cut her locks.

don't worry, there was no tragedy.

in fact - she looks adorable. really, i love them! why haven't i done this sooner? i've been questioning myself with that a lot. her hair on the sides actually curl a lot better now.
who knew? (okay, not me.)

&i'm sadly realizing that i have wrote the word "do" a lot. what is on my mind? geeez. oh, and she loves her bangs. she tells everyone that mommy didn't want to do it, but she made her. kids.

ps.linking up with the papermama.

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