Monday, June 6, 2011

we're going to a private beach! {img heavy}

yesterday was kick ace! we were still at my parents & they weren't home, so, we set off into the woods to find a private beach. on the way we decided to walk the trails farther than we generally do and explore everything around us including a cute little stream with a bridge over it. we just kept wandering & i let kohen lead the way following the trail whichever way he wanted, he loved it! for the love of jack sparrow we hit the jackpot of private beach/wooded area euphoria!! we totally walked upon a quiet, secluded, amazing beach. there were falling trees around us, lots of exposed roots from large trees, wild ferns/flowers, & huge pieces of driftwood. best of all, we were the only ones there!

  the nuggets? in complete heaven. it was honestly incredibly relaxing & neat to watch them enjoy their time splashing as the waves came up on shore, they were searching for neat rocks to collect, & they were running around having the time of their life. the only thing missing was my book and something comfy to sit back & relax on. they could have stayed there forever, i can't say i didn't feel the same.

the water? cooold. but didn't seem to bother them. they had a blast! we started to head back exploring and wandering a little more before heading to grammas house where it was time to get ready to finally reunite with our house. oh the little things! amazing what you can find in your own backyard. (in this case, my parents.)

did you have any adventures on your weekend???

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