Tuesday, June 7, 2011

blast from the past

my parents recently moved into a new house 
& while unpacking we came across a tiny, 
disheveled, photo album filled with an abundance 
of blasts from my past. 

mostly pictures from prom.

wow. talk about memories.
prom was one of those times
that i'm extremely thankful i had the 
opportunity to experience.

great friends, great memories,
great times all around.
&the best part, 
even though a lot of the people i spent it 
with i don't talk to very often, i know that i
got to make a memories of a lifetime
&share that with them. 
i'm a lucky girl.

i only shared a couple. i didn't want to post them all 
as i didn't have time to get permission from the others.
so i just have the two.

to my awesome date, t.
if you see this, sorry.
thought anyone that i went to prom with would enjoy
seeing these and reliving the memories through these pictures.

&friends, if you read this and want me to add the rest.
just let me know.

ps. the pictures are blurry due to being as i took a picture of the picture with my bb..lol

1 comment:

  1. look how cute you are!! I had a crappy prom because of my stupid ex...but oh well.