Thursday, June 2, 2011

thursday thoughts

yanno, i might seem somewhat like a narcissist. continually whining about things. yes, my kids drive me bananas sometimes. if you hadn't guessed it having them less than a year apart is rather exhausting and it's extremely chaotic, in saying that i wouldn't change it for the world.

i am an ocd, cleanfreak. you heard it here folks - i tend to be over the top about cleaning etc. i am all about purging and you wouldn't find a place in my house that would be hoarder-esq. srsly.

lately, with the beautiful weather, because it's a theme with me that i discuss the weather 95% of the time, my house has fallen off course. it's actually somewhere i don't even want to spend time. but at the end of the day, did the untidy house fairy come and pick me up and whisk me away to untidy jail? no, no it did not. infact, my kids seem to be happier, although mouthier, they are enjoying the fact that we're barely home. we spend every  moment we're able to taking mini adventures and enjoy our time with one another.

it has taken me leaps & bounds to even get close to where i am today. there is never a day i would even allow my house to look remotely like this, however, it hasn't killed me - yet. minor panic attacks ensue, then i see the smiles and excitement on my nuggets faces when i break the news of an impending trip to grammas, park, or splash pad and an untidy house no longer seems like such a big deal. who am i? haha!

i've realized over the last little while that my priorities that seem to hold life or death consequences if they dont get completed really hold no value, and i've started enjoying the smaller things. it's like my "ta-da" moment hit when at the end of the day, the nuggets crash in unexpected spots from pure exhaustion because they had such a tremendous day i used up their energy capacity. it's great to constantly hear from each of them how exciting this adventure was & how much they loved to do _____ this. hate to pat myself on the back, but boo-yah, i am. i have hit the nugget lotto and appreciate every minute i have the privilege to grow with both of them.

so i say it here & now. the next time i'm bitching whining about absolutely ridiculous things, such as the issue i'm having at the moment; nuggets are fighting me on room clean-up. i am a lucky lady! & my house isn't going to implode from lack of pick up when i want it done now.

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