Wednesday, June 1, 2011

danger waves & kinder orientation; oh my!

today was a scorcher yaaa-freaking-hooo! i looove this weather. yes, i'm looney & heart hot weather.
how do you spend a day in hot weather? in the water. duuuuh. so the my sister, the kids & i all loaded everything up & headed to grammas house.

when we arrived at grammas, the kids were antsy and impatient to head over to pebble beach and go swimming. so we went. of course, we were disappointed because the waves were crashing and i mean crashing hard. looked like a bad storm in the little mermaid. so amongst the wailing of disappointment we quickly decided to head to a private beach down the street.

the waves crashing against us were too cool. mr man k screeched at the top of his lungs the.entire.time. he was actually scared, sounds awful but i couldn't do anything but giggle. he sounded hilarious. of course he warmed up to the idea as soon as we were ready to head home... lol. kids! haha

we finally headed home, the nuggets were bathed, we put up the trampoline, made some dinner, & then it was time to come home & change to head over to the school for k's kinder orientation. *pouts* i am not ready! didn't i just birth him not too long ago?

it went fantastic, he was so excited & loved every minute. we walked home & he carried his bag full of goodies that he received and was super stoked to show gramma everything he got and gave her the picture he made. my little man is growing - don't i get a say in this whole growing situation?

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