Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oh yes it's ladies night

as a single momma it is very rare that i get to have one on one time with uno nugget.
tonight lou & i got to enjoy time together. just the two of us.

now, what do two stylin' chickas do when it's one of the hottest days of the year?

well, we had a luxurious cold shower which included "under sea diving" in the tub. more or less, slip and slide in the bottom of the tub while she trips momma. but hey! it was fun, she enjoyed it. we gave ourselves a nice conditioning treatment, lathered up in some luscious smelling body wash, and while i was drying off lou got to enjoy a 'waterfall' and play with her beloved ponies.

afterwards, we made some dinner together, very light, as it's way to hot to use the oven. we enjoyed some ham & swiss on rye caraway seed bread followed by some rainbow sorbet for desert. yummo.

then it was time to paint our toesies, of course. let me tell you this is one of those moments i heart having a little girl. due to her extreme knack of independance she was particular in her colour choice for her toes & the little embellishment she was dead set on having. she has great taste as we now match, i wasn't arguing with her choice!

tonight was awesome & i feel absolutely blessed i'm able to partake in these nights of one on one time. secretly, lou & i miss mr man k, a ton. tomorrow night is another one on one, but this time it's mr man k & i off to his kindergarten (yes i went there people, can you believe it?) meet & greet! *pouts* i'm so excited for him but terrified all in the same thought. kindergarten? didn't i just give birth!!?

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