Tuesday, June 7, 2011

splash pad, saaay whaaaat!

can i get a what what for the splash pad? the sheer squeels of delight from both nuggets make every moment spent in the hot sun worth it. did i mention they screech, a lot? bahaha, you can't do anything but laugh as they go buzzing by letting everyone within a 12 mile radius know the amount of fun they are having; the volume says it all.

we are very very lucky. we live in a beach town on lake ontario. i participated in an ispy: neighbourhood edition with lmm and gave a bloggy tour of my town. we have quite a few attractions perfect for my little family to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest & the best part? it's budget friendly - freeee!

today was a ton of fun, nothing better then watching them enjoy themselves & at the end of the day they zonk! pure exhaustion. this summer shall be faaaaaantabulous! babysitter right in my backyard. *swooooon-er-iffic!*

and.. i just had to share this picture of my niece. it is waaaaaay to funny. this is one of those pictures that i happened to capture & i heart it. hahaha!!

how can you not laugh? love it!

ps. i will be back with bsbnkotb pictures! 24hrs nugget-free & it's mommytime. can you stand the excitement? me=dead. talk to you all on thursday!