Monday, May 9, 2011

sunny days

the weather as of late has been equivalent to a bowl of supreme ben & jerrys ice cream on a hot day. it has been perfect. thanks to my aunt, i was delivered a shiny new wagon so we have wheels to get lou around. finally! cabin fever was starting to set in and we were starting to act like mickey mouse on the spin wheel before he was made into a disney character. intense. so what do you do with a shiny new wagon, the sun, and warmer temps? you go to the park, of course. 

so that is what we have done. today? fabulous. we were gone -literally- all day. headed down to the park at the beach, walked up and got some slushies, and then headed down to my parents house. tons and tons of walking; soaking up the sun. 

i, of course, had the biggest blonde moment - temporary lapse in judgement - and only had my phone on me. so you get phone pictures. epic picture taking fail. even more of a fail, i only got pictures of the end of our day throwing rocks at the rocky beach near grammadukes house.

& the way we're going with walking, i should be shedding off this excess baby weight that has been lingering 25yrs too long. (don't tell me my kids are only 3 & 4, i don't want to hear it) but alas, my 3rd and 4th ass is still following closely behind!

 i hopes ya enjoyed the pics and talk tomorrow - srsly. i will be back tomorrow.

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