Tuesday, May 10, 2011


for the love of george clooney and batman - what is wrong with me?
i am a camera freak.
picture taking finatic.

another day at the beach.
another day at the park.
another day soaking up the sun.
and do i have pictures to show for it?


our day at the park went a little somethin' somethin' like this..

waa waaa..
k no more whining or home for a nap.
ugh! (he makes this incessant noise constantly instead of using words)
k no more.
*turns around to check on lou*

*lou is not in the wagon where she was left*
i hear from a distance..

nana nana boo-booo! *sticks tongue out*
there she is.
ontop of the highest tower.

she was on the play equipment..
cast and all.


i haven't a clue how her leg is going to heal.
the surgeon is going to give me a tongue lashing, i'm sure.
let's hope he's hot, that would make it totally worth it.

btw, did i mention i look like a king crab.
extremely round and red hot.
looking, that is.

i'm burnt.

the kids.

this is my little reminder to: wear sunscreen.
'tis the season.

so, tomorrow, what are we doing?
going to the park at the beach again.
this time?
meeting a friend &her kids there.

adult conversation - and kids to occupy mine.
bringing the sand toys, bubbles, and a large cup of joe.

i promise, no breaking pinkies in the case i break this promise.
it is not a promise i intend to break.
but, shit happens.

i will take pictures tomorrow.
another beautiful day to take on.

are you enjoying your sunny days?


  1. I suck. Today it was so sunny and I stayed inside for most of the day. Stupid headache! But I'll get out tomorrow, promise!! Glad you're at least getting outside, even if you're not taking pictures of it!

  2. You better take that camera! ;) you know how I spent my sunny day...maybe tomorrow will be another chance.

  3. New follower here...

    Even when I have a camera on me, I never capture the most picturesque moments...I'm enjoying them too much to remember! :)